Stapler for Upholstery, Wood, Crafts, DIY and Professional Uses

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SAVE TIME AND ENERGY: This stapler is great for professional or household projects like installing insulation, upholstery, wood, general repairs, and crafts; it belongs in the workshop of any builder, maker, or crafter.
COMFORT AND CONSISTENCY: The high leverage handle on this stapler provides a comfortable experience and helps ensure that each strike drives the staples though the materials you are fastening.
EFFICIENCY AND VISIBILITY: The rear-load magazine with jam-resistant mechanism provides a smooth stapling experience; the staple-viewing window takes the guesswork out of knowing when to reload.
HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Featuring a chromed-steel body, this tool has the strength for any job; the steel parts have been hardened in a 1,500-degree furnace for maximum durability.
This stapler is used for heavy duty applications from crafting and general home repairs to upholstering chairs and window treatments.

Product Dimensions : 16.5*13.5 cm

Color : chrome

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