Hand Weeder

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Size: 29*2.5 cm

Get the entire root without needing to dig wide holes! This handheld weeder is great for removing pesky weeds, dandelions, and thistles from your lawn and garden while leaving surrounding plants intact. Includes rust resistant aluminum with two-pronged fork tip and ergonomic handle.
Premium Die cast aluminum for ultimate strength, this weeding tool is lightweight yet won't bend or break. Two pronged fork grabs weeds by the roots while sturdy shaft leverages against ground and helps lift stubborn weeds from the soil. Built to last with rust-resistant finish.
Ergonomic soft-grip handle with contoured finger grips is gentle on hands and improves control while reducing hand and wrist fatigue. Great for gardeners who have difficulty holding tools with small or narrow handles.
Large hang hole on the handle for easy storage after use.

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