Garden Sprinkler

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IMMENSE COVERAGE - The Garden Sprinkler is equipped with three rotating arms and 12 built-in spray nozzles ,Covering up to 3600 square feet evenly, it can spray a distance of 15 meters with 80 PSI water pressure.

Require more? Multiple sprinklers can be connected together to handle even larger areas!

STABLE AND EFFICIENT - You don't have to worry about wasting water if you need to leave your sprinkler unattended while working on household chores or running an errand.
this garden sprinkler also offers maximum stability , ensuring it will not tip over or move around when watering your lawn or garden. Now that's efficiency!

360 DEGREE RANGE OF MOTION - In addition to the incredible range of motion, you can customize the spray area ,Simply connect the garden sprinkler to your hose and adjust the spray 45 or 90 degrees upward and out.

DURABILITY AT ITS BEST - Made from high quality, thick ABS material, this garden sprinkler will last you a lifetime! No need to worry about rust or corrosion with this tough sprinkler that is built to last.

GREAT WATER PRESSURE - The Garden Sprinkler can spray a distance of 15 meters with 80 PSI water pressure! (Please note that the distance depends on your water pressure system).

Perfect for watering your lawn, garden, agricultural land or for outdoor fun!

Product Information :

Material : ABS Engineering Plastic

Color : Yellow

Size : 19.5*18*9 cm

Spray Range : 8 - 15 meters

Spray method : direct spray and oblique spray .


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