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Safety and Comfort:Tick removal is an annual measure. It is important to choose a gentle and quick method that is harmless to pets. Our tick remover set allows direct removal of ticks and reduces stress for your pet. The perfect alternative to tick repellent and tick collars.
Easy to Use:Choose a appropriate size and slide the tick remover over the tick and gently twist it while gently pulling up. The other two tick tweezers automatically clamp the tick, all you need to do is to pull the ticks out. Ticks come out with heads attached to bodies, leaving no irritation on dog.
For All Ticks & Animals:The tick remover can remove ticks of all sizes, types and severity safely, easily and quickly. For cats, dogs and other pets also humans this tick hook can be used. Different tick removers makes a flexible choice. Firstly for the tick size and secondly for different pets.
Compact and Portable:The tick remover set is very small, light and reusable, no more than 10cm. In terms of size, the tick pincers fit easily into your trouser pocket, even when you're on the move. Should not be missing on any hike or in the medicine cabinet. The tick remover are portable for anywhere you might need them.
Packaging & Service:Our packaging includes 3 different sizes of tick hooks and a user manual.

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