9 Pieces Bearing Puller Kit

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STRONG + EFFICIENT = PREMIUM QUALITY: This bearing press set is made of chrome-vanadium components to ensure a strong, life-long tool that will meet your automotive repair needs for many years.
PERFECT BEARING PULLER FOR SMALL COMPONENTS: This compact wheel bearing puller comes complete with a bearing separator, yoke, extensions, and a compact carrying case. It’s ideal for removing small gears, wheels, and fittings from shafts. Not the right tool to extract large or medium sized bearings.
NEAT AND ORGANIZED: Comes in a durable and convenient carrying case to store all of the components. Protect your investment while keeping your tools organized, avoiding losses, and making it easier to lend to friends as well.
A WIDE RANGE OF PULLING JOBS: Replace the steering pump, perfect for wiper arm assembly, rebuilding your alternator, removing tightly fitted pulleys, and reaches places that regular gear pullers can’t access.
A VERSATILE HELPER: Use your small bearing splitter separately or in combination with other Bearing Puller tools, and you have a versatile, professional repertoire.
Product Content Details: Separator (15-58 mm), 2 * jaws (50 mm), Thrust screw, 2 * extension rod (45 mm), 2 * extension 30 mm, cross beam.

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